25th of May 2015 : Reports from the Secretary and Response of the Government

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Today’s session began with a very special animation session by Fathers Prosper Helona and Jude Langeh. The moderator of the day Fr. Valentine Achuo, after opening prayers gave room to the assembly secretaries to present the minutes of the last two days. These were adopted by the house as correct. The group secretaries then gave summaries of the results of their workshops. After a period of break the Government then responded. This took the whole day.

By 5pm in the evening, there were a series of questions directed to the members of the Government. The latter took time to respond to all these questions. With this, the first major part of our Assembly based on evaluation of the past Government ended. We then voted to conclude this part and move to the next part beginning tomorrow with the working document of the next Government. Fr. Tamargo thanked the past Government for their assiduous work and encouraged the members of the Assembly to do the same.

The day ended with the celebration of the Eucharist in thanksgiving to God for the work of the past Government.

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